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Segafredo Zanetti® Cold Brew Coffee, Single-Serve Coffee Packets

Segafredo Zanetti® Cold Brew Coffee, Single-Serve Coffee Packets


Taste a new class of cold brew – a blend of beans specifically selected to be brewed without heat. 

Mild, Bright and Smooth. A sophisticated blend of high-grown mild Colombian and Sumatran Arabicas. Lightly roasted, the silky-smooth medium body of Brillante lets bright chocolaty, butterscotch and citrus notes shine through.

This is not your regular iced coffee – regular iced coffee is brewed hot and left to cool, often giving it a less satisfying, more bitter flavor than cold brew. The result of the cold brew process is a rich, sweet cup of cold coffee that is simply unmatched in the market today.

At Segafredo Zanetti®, we source and roast the highest quality beans from around the world.  You’ll find our enthusiasm for making exceptional coffee in every cup.

The exceptionally smooth & uniquely rich taste of Segafredo Zanetti® coffee is filled with four generations of the Zanetti family’s coffee expertise and passion.  From farm-to-cup, our family remains meticulous in crafting extraordinary coffee that today is served in more than 350 Segafredo Zanetti® cafes around the world.

At Segafredo Zanetti®, we believe that it is our responsibility as a business to contribute to the wellness of our planet and give back to the communities where we work and live.  From corporate initiatives to single-serve pods that use less plastic, we are always looking to expand our efforts.
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