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Chock full o’Nuts® Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Soho Morning, Mild Roast - Premium Arabica

Chock full o’Nuts® Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Soho Morning, Mild Roast - Premium Arabica


100% Coffee. No Nuts.

Since 1932, coffee lovers have been starting their day with Chock full o’Nuts®. The fresh brewed taste and aroma of our Soho Morning Mild Roast single serve coffee cups will transport you to the coffee shops of New York City’s artistic Soho neighborhood. Wake up with a full-flavored mildly roasted breakfast blend that is rich without being bitter. Soho Morning Mild Roast is made from premium 100% Arabica coffee beans that are hand-selected from the finest growing regions. Our unique single serve mesh coffee pods offer a one-cup convenience that is compatible with all K-CUP® brewers*, including Keurig 2.0. From our first coffee shop on Broadway in New York City, Chock full o’Nuts® has been roasting perfectly flavored, aromatic coffee for nearly 100 years. Even though we use 35% less plastic than ordinary molded plastic coffee pods, the rich aroma & taste are not compromised! Now you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee day or night with our easy-to-use, single-serve pods.

  • BREAKFAST BLEND – Our Soho Morning Mild Roast is full of flavor yet mild, and rich without being bitter. Wake up with the taste and aroma of fresh brewed smooth tasting coffee.
  • 100% PREMIUM ARABICA - Chock full o’Nuts® single serve coffee cups are a rich blend of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection. Each cup delivers a delicious flavor and the unmistakable aroma of Chock full o’Nuts®.
  • KEURIG 2.0 COMPATIBLE – Filter Cup, our single-serve coffee pod, is the convenient way to enjoy a fresh-tasting delicious and aromatic single cup of coffee. Compatible with all K-CUP® brewers*.
  • 35% LESS PLASTIC - Our unique mesh coffee pod design uses 35% less plastic than ordinary single-serve pods without compromising fresh taste and aroma. The pods come in a resealable package that keeps coffee fresher longer.
  • BREWING COFFEE SINCE 1932 – From the first shop in New York City to the homes of coffee lovers worldwide, Chock full o’Nuts® has been the trusted name in perfectly roasted “heavenly” coffee for almost 100 years.

*K-CUP® is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Chock full o’Nuts® Filter Cups™ are not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Soho Morning Mild Roast
Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher
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