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MJB® Coffee - European Roast - Dark Roast - Ground

MJB® Coffee - European Roast - Dark Roast - Ground


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One Taste and You'll Know Why

MJB® lovers agree. It’s “a good cup of coffee, any way you make it.” Always smooth and satisfying, with a flavor and aroma that reflect years of delivering the perfect blend of some of the world’s finest roasted coffee beans, MJB® Coffee has a blend that you’ll want to call your own. Since Max J. Brandenstein and his brothers Mannie, Charlie and Eddie, built the MJB® Brand in San Francisco in the late 1800s, coffee lovers have depended on the always fresh, no-nonsense coffee that can get your day started right or let you kick back and relax. Find out why, and try MJB® today.

  • EUROPEAN ROAST - You don't need a passport to enjoy the rich, full-bodied coffee that only comes with our European Roast. No language barrier here!
  • RECYCLABLE STEEL CAN - This coffee comes in a steel can that is 100% recyclable
  • ALL PURPOSE GRIND - Suitable for all coffee makers, with the first scoop you’re on your way to brewing the perfect cup for any occasion
  • GLUTEN FREE - MJB® ground coffee is naturally gluten free
  • FOR MORE THAN 130 YEARS – MJB® Coffee has delivered the same great taste and aroma to coffee lovers around the world

European Roast
Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

Additional Information

Stainless Steel Can

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4.9 out of 5

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Richard Mercier

University Place, WA

October 27, 2021

Love the coffee. I purchased 12 cans with a 15% coupon. A couple of weeks after getting my order your company had a 50% off coupon. Disappointed that I didn’t wait. I already had several cans from the previous order. Was simply taking advantage of the discount.

MJB Coffee



University Place WA

August 29, 2021

Best coffee around and for a good price

My Coffee



Yelm, WA

August 28, 2021

This is the coffee I prefer and the ease of them shipping to my home is icing on the cake.

What a delicious coffee



Austin, TX

June 22, 2021

I'm of the opinion that good bread, good beer, and good coffee should be almost chewable. This coffee fits that description. The flavor, the aroma, the feel of it in my mouth are so nice that the only reason I swallow it is to have another sip. A great coffee to linger over while doing the Sunday crossword -- or any other relaxed moment for that matter.



Apr21l 19, 2021

good for the money

I love this Coffee MJB




February 26, 2021

I use to live in the San Francisco Area and discovered this MJB coffee some 40 years ago - OK it's not Starbucks - but it is one of the best house blends around. so much so that when I moved to Texas - I started ordering it online. That was 9 years ago.



January 26, 2021

I have been drinking MJB European Roast for more than twenty years and I love it. But, unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find. And the cans keep getting smaller. I have been looking for a comparable coffee because I am afraid the European Blend will soon be extinct.



T & F


December 31, 2020

WE HAVE BEEN USING MJB SINCE THE 60'S WHILE IN DENVER. MOVING TO ILLINOIS & KENTUCKY, WE COULD NOT FIND. LOVE ORDERING ONLINE NOW THAT WE FOUND IT. SHIPMENT ALWAYS EASY & QUICK. I wish there was a place to order samples so we could taste other coffees. 6 cans is a lot to order if it is not the best. Thank you.

Our favorite




Apr19l 15, 2020

We have been drinking the European Roast for years and were frantic when our local stores stopped carrying it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your services! It is so convenient, timely, and cost effective too. So happy we found you!

Great Coffee for General Purpose




December 9, 2018

We Love this coffee for General Use - I know that are Seasonal Coffee's out there and if you like that that's great but for good ole Coffee in the Morning MJB is one of the Best.

MJB Coffee & Massimo



Austin, TX

October 11, 2018

Favorite coffee for many years but not available where we live. Ordering on-line from Massimo has been a great experience for us over the last 5 years.

Absolutely awesome!!!!



Greendale, wi

August 7, 2018

I want to take the time to thank everyone who takes the time to process, package and ship the product... everything was timely and correct. I believe this is the 3rd or 4th time we have placed an order for 3 cases each time... thank u Mark




Phoenix, AZ

June 30, 2018

I have been drinking MJB European Roast Ground Coffee for many years purchasing it locally till it became unavailable, then bought online. Online ordering process is user-friendly/convenient; comes in good condition in timely manner. Of all the coffees I've had none compare in taste to MJB European Roast Ground Coffee. It truly is a non-bitter "rich full-bodied coffee" which I like very much!

Best Coffee



Phoenix, AZ

March 31, 2018

Ease in ordering/re-ordering; comes in timely manner. I like the taste of the European dark roast flavor which is never bitter. Occasionally I drink a decaf in 2 different brands, but neither of them nor any other coffee I have purchased or had in a restaurant compare to my MJB European Roast Ground.




Glendale, CA

December 10, 2017

The ease of re-ordering is excellent. The Hawaiian coffee ordered reached its destination in very good time much to the joy of its recipient who looks forward to it every Christmas. I re-order the European Roast as needed and never have been disappointed in Massimo-Zannetti company's service.
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