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MJB® Coffee - 1/2 Caff - Medium Roast - Ground

MJB® Coffee - 1/2 Caff - Medium Roast - Ground


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One Taste and You'll Know Why

MJB® lovers agree. It’s “a good cup of coffee, any way you make it.” Always smooth and satisfying, with a flavor and aroma that reflect years of delivering the perfect blend of some of the world’s finest roasted coffee beans, MJB® Coffee has a blend that you’ll want to call your own. Since Max J. Brandenstein and his brothers Mannie, Charlie and Eddie, built the MJB® Brand in San Francisco in the late 1800s, coffee lovers have depended on the always fresh, no-nonsense coffee that can get your day started right or let you kick back and relax. Find out why, and try MJB® today.

  • BOLD TASTE, 50% LESS CAFFEINE - Balanced and well-rounded blend, with 50% less caffeine than our signature Premium Blend
  • RECYCLABLE STEEL CAN - This coffee comes in a steel can that is 100% recyclable
  • ALL PURPOSE GRIND - Suitable for all coffee makers, with the first scoop you’re on your way to brewing the perfect cup for any occasion
  • GLUTEN FREE - MJB® ground coffee is naturally gluten free
  • FOR MORE THAN 130 YEARS – MJB® Coffee has delivered the same great taste and aroma to coffee lovers around the world

1/2 Caff
Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

Additional Information

Stainless Steel Can

Reviews | Write a Review
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Great flavor. Great price. Fast delivery.




October 27, 2020

MJB is a flavorful blend. Love that it's 1/2 Caff. And free delivery!

Wake Up and Enjoy GREAT Coffee!



Simi Valley, California

January 26, 2019

MJB Half-Caff is full-bodied and delicious. I defy anyone to detect that it has only half the caffeine of so-called "regular" coffee. Not available in markets, this product is one of the Very Best available, in my opinion. can safely drink it morning, noon or night.

MJB From Virginia to Idaho-now that's love




September 14, 2018

I purchase two cases (12 cans) of MJB 1/2 Caff coffee from Massimo Zanetti about every six months for personal use. I love it. It tastes like the coffee served at high-end restaurants. I could buy MJB locally, but not the 1/2 caff. Massimo Zanetti is a great source for great coffee and hasn't let my down in three years. Always excellent quality and expedient service even for a small buyer in Idaho. Thanx to everyone there.
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