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Hills Bros. Cold Brew Bag

Hills Bros. Cold Brew Bag


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Hills Bros. Cold Brew blend was specifically crafted for cold brewing and coarsely ground to deliver a smooth rich flavor. Cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot coffee because it is slowly steeped in water for 10-14 hours, allowing more flavor to be extracted. We recommend 1 cup water for every 1/3 cup of grounds. Course ground.
Cold Brew
Cold Brew
Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

Additional Information

How to brew: Place coffee grounds in a pitcher or jar. Pour water over grounds and stir until fully saturated. Cover pitcher with lid or plastic wrap. Steep 10-14 hours. Line a strainer with a coffee filter or cheese cloth, place strainer over pitcher, bowl, or jar. Slowly pour the contents over strainer to filter the grounds from the cold brew. Discard the steeped grounds or toss them in your compost. Cover and store the cold brew concentrate in the refrigerator.

How to serve: Dilute cold brew concentrate with water or milk in equal proportion. For a stronger cup, use less water or milk. If you have a dedicated cold brew device, follow the brewing instructions provided.

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