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Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - French Vanilla

Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix - French Vanilla


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Crafted Without Compromise for Over 137 Years.™

In the mood for a delicious and decadent treat but don't want to leave the house or wait in long lines at a coffee shop? Look no further than Hills Bros.® instant cappuccino. Our French Vanilla instant cappuccino mix has a luscious, creamy vanilla flavor and is frothy and decadent. Just add water. It's a versatile mix too, and can create a warm, frothy cup or a chilled, ice-blended cappuccino. You can even use this cappuccino mix instead of cream and sugar in your brewed coffee. It's convenient and easy to use - treat yourself to delicious and rich, creamy coffee house cappuccino without having to leave the house! Hills Bros.® Coffee was created over 137 years ago with an unwavering commitment to quality. We've been delighting customers ever since with our innovative roasting methods, delicious blends and much more. Our coffee is crafted without compromise.

  • INSTANT CAPPUCCINO - When you're in the mood for a cappuccino, look no further than Hills Bros.® instant mix. Just add water.
  • DELICIOUS, SWEET NOTES - Our French Vanilla Cappuccino flavor is so frothy and decadent, with sweet notes and a rich vanilla flavor.
  • RICH COFFEEHOUSE FLAVOR - Treat yourself to delicious and rich, creamy coffeehouse cappuccino without having to leave the house. Just add hot water, mix and cuddle up on the couch!
  • VERSATILE - Warm up with a frothy cup of cappuccino, chill with an ice-blended drink or stir things up by adding cappuccino drink mix to your coffee instead of cream and sugar.
  • A BRAND TO TRUST - Hills Bros.® was created over 137 years ago with a commitment to quality. We've been delighting customers ever since with innovative roasting methods, delicious blends and more.

French Vanilla
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

Additional Information

Click here for delicious Hills Bros. Cappuccino recipes.

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4.8 out of 5

would recommend this product

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love the french vanilla!



columbus, oh

June 25, 2021

i placed my order on line, it came very quickly. everything was smooth and easy. it tastes great and i don't have to worry about running out.

Great taste




June 9, 2021

Always happy with this product. Had been buying it in my local food market, but decided buying in bulk was the way to go. Love this flavor.

Long Time Favourite



Guelph, Ontario, Canada

March 2, 2021

So happy to finally be able to receive a shipment of Cappuccinos, at no fault to Massimo Zanetti. Since, here in Guelph Ontario, where I can only purchase Hills Bros. Cappuccino at Walmart I was unable to buy any as they don't do deliveries. When finding your website last year I placed an order to stock up on my favourite flavours, French Vanilla and English Toffee along with a new flavour that we don't get here in Guelph, Salted Caramel. But, sadly, they never made it over the border then. So happy I decided to try again and they made it. Now I don't only get to be keep enjoying my long time favourites every day. But I also get to enjoy a new favourite. I will definitely be ordering again, once my stock of 24 start to run low. :D lol

Hills Brothers Cappuccino-French Vanilla




February 8, 2021

I have been drinking this brand/product since 1997 and a direct purchase customer for over 20 years. I typically drink 3-4 cups (12oz) per day. Therefore I try to order 4-6 cases when discounted offers are available.

love the french vanilla



columbus, oh

October 3, 2020

this is the easiest and most cost effective way to get this cappuccino into your home. it tastes great.

French Vanilla Cappuccino




September 5, 2020

Have loved this product for years.




Riverside CA

August 10, 2020

Best coffee on the planet!! I don’t drink anything else!!! And to get it by the case of 6 at MZB .. so convenient .. great website .. incredible price .. fast amazing shipping ... fresh!!!!! I would never get it anywhere else!!!

Real Sugar!




May 11, 2020

I've tried many cappuccino mixes,k-cups,powders, etc.and this is the only one(other than Gevalia's 2-step mix which contains no sweetener of any kind...and is almost twice the price per serving)that uses ONLY pure cane sugar as a sweetener. This is a huge plus with me as I absolutely cannot stand the after taste of any other options most companies insist on using(even when sugar is listed as a main ingredient?!?) Love the product and the price for delivering to my door!




Mission, BC, CANADA

Apr2l 28, 2020

I live in Canada and it’s worth paying double to me for this on the USA site becuz it tastes so fresh and much better than if I had waited for Walmart to supply it.

Love this!




December 16, 2019

My favorite drink! I have this every morning. Gets my day started. Tastes great. Can’t find it locally anymore so I order it. Thanks so much!




South Bend, IN

December 13, 2019

Have been drinking French Vanilla Cappuccino for several years. Love it! And it's great to order direct rather than Hope the grocery remembered to order it or stock it. Tried other flavored, but always come back to French Vanilla.




December 11, 2019

Best way to start the day. Every Day!!!

Best cappuccino




October 24, 2019

This is my absolute favorite beverage, and now I will never run out do to the convenience of ordering online

Great Tasting




June 24, 2019

We love coffee at our house and Hills Bros French Vanilla Cappuccino is one of our favorites. It seems like we cant keep it long in our house so we usually buy it in bulk right from the website and we get a great deal doing it that way especially when we get the free shipping.

Great cappuccino


Lisa Streett

Angier, NC

Apr25l 18, 2019

The best cappuccino I have ever had and I received my order in a couple days. Also, they put a receipt in the box and wrote thank you and signed it.

Hills Bros Cappuccino french vanilla


Lisa Streett


Apr41l 1, 2019

This is the best thing to get you going in the morning. It's creamy and so delicious.

Love this Company & Coffee



Riverside CA

March 27, 2019

I absolutely LOVE the Hills Bros. Vanilla cappuccino instant coffee! It is so creamy and smooth and it feels like I go to a coffee shop every morning! And being able to buy the carton of six is so fantastic with an incredible price! Their response and delivery time is magic! Thank you I love this company and this coffee!

Hills Brothers Cappuccino



Blackduck MN

March 5, 2019

I love their Cappuccino. It’s so much easier to order directly from them and get the free postage when I order over $100. All their flavors are good!!

French vanilla cappuccino



waite park mn

January 9, 2019

I tried a couple of them and it didn't taste anything like it

Hills Bros Cappuccino French Vanilla


Lisa Streett


November 18, 2018

I ordered this item online and got it in record time and the price it's cheaper. I just love the French Vanilla Cappuccino it's rich and creamy and will warm your heart
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