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Hills Bros.® Coffee - 100% Colombian - Dark Roast - Ground

Hills Bros.® Coffee - 100% Colombian - Dark Roast - Ground


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Crafted Without Compromise for Over 137 Years.™

Since 1878, coffee lovers have been starting their day with a taste of always great coffee from Hills Bros.® From the beginning, brothers Reuben and Austin Hills made an unwavering commitment to quality and Hills Bros.® Coffee was born. From the finest beans and most innovative roasting methods to our delectable blends, Hills Bros.® has been crafting delicious coffee without compromise to happy coffee drinkers worldwide. This full-flavored Colombian dark roast is satisfying from the first sip to the last. Our ground coffee is made from 100% premium arabica coffee beans that are hand-selected from the finest growing regions around the world. Blended and roasted the same way since we started, you are guaranteed to consistently get a great cup of coffee. Hills Bros.® ground coffee is gluten free and Orthodox Union Certified Kosher, and our recyclable stainless-steel cans keep the coffee fresher longer. From the finest beans and most innovative roasting methods to our delicious blends, Hills Bros.® has delighted customers, blending and roasting amazing coffee for over a century. Today, Hills Bros.® Coffee continues to be crafted without compromise. Whether it's your start to the day every morning, your afternoon pick-me-up or after dinner wind down, the authentic taste of always great coffee from Hills Bros.® will always be something to look forward to.

  • 100% COLOMBIAN - Hills Bros.® mountain-grown Arabica coffee beans from Colombia are expertly roasted to create our 100% Colombian dark roast blend coffee. Its rich flavor has mild fruit notes for a rich, smooth and delicious taste anytime.
  • 100% PREMIUM ARABICA COFFEE BEANS - Hills Bros.® ground coffee contains a rich blend of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection. Each cup delivers the consistently great flavor that Hills Bros.® is known for.
  • FOR THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE - Use 1 Tablespoon of coffee for each 6-ounce cup of water. Adjust the amount of coffee to suit your taste. After opening, replace lid and store coffee in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness.
  • KOSHER AND GLUTEN FREE - Hills Bros.® coffee is Orthodox Union Certified Kosher and also gluten free.
  • ALWAYS GREAT COFFEE - From the finest beans and most innovative roasting methods to our delicious blends, Hills Bros.® has delighted customers for 140 years. Today, Hills Bros.® Coffee continues to be crafted without compromise.

100% Colombian
Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

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Stainless Steel Can

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4.6 out of 5

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Best Coffee Ever




June 22, 2021

For the past 30+ years, I have started my day with a pot of Hills Bros. 100% Colombian coffee. I start with a generous splash of 1/2 & 1/2 and then add the coffee. Nothing is finer. I keep adding coffee to the cup to keep the coffee hot as I enjoy every sip. No bitterness, no nasty aftertaste; just pure deliciousness.

Good coffee?



The coast of Maine

May 9, 2021

Yes, excellent taste. A little on the strong side; I mix roughly half and half the Chase and Sanborn classic roast and the Hills Brothers 100% Columbian. It's fun experimenting with the amounts. 💃

All The Way With Good Tast!!!




March 28, 2021

Fast Shipping, excellent customer service at Massimo Zanetti Beverages for selling Hills Bros. 100% Colombian - Dark Roast Ground Coffee!



New Mexico

January 8, 2021

Tastes bad, very weak!!!



January 8, 2021

Not like it used to be, tastes bad and very weak!!!

Great coffe/service/promotions



South Carolina

December 6, 2020

We have been ordering the Columbian Dark coffee from them on line for over twelve years. Easy ordering and great promotions on shipping discounts but, best of all, a really great coffee product. We always order another case when we get down to four cans.




June 29, 2020

Excellent dark roast coffee!

Great Service!



Fort Myers, FL

October 14, 2019

The discounts offered are great. Fast shipping. Best part is we get our favorite coffee no matter where we live! Glad we found you.




May 15, 2019

We sometimes have had trouble finding this Hills Brothers Colombian coffee. I don't drink it, but it's the ONLY one my husband wants to have at home. So, when I could buy it here at a good price, with FREE shipping....I was in!




Fort Myers, FL

March 7, 2019

Great coffee and my husband and I are happy to get our favorite coffee in Florida. Wonderful people and fast shipping. Thank You!

100% Columbian Ground



Vermilion Ohio

December 10, 2018

I love this coffee! And whats better than having it delivered to my door for free!




Winston Salem N.C

November 4, 2018

To me it's the best coffee on the market. I can't find it near my location so I have to order it on- line. But they always seem to send me a coupon after I have ordered a case of 6 cans.So the coupon expires before I can use it. Wish there was a way to get a coupon when I needed it.




Winston Salem N.C

November 3, 2018

Great coffee. I don't drink any other brand. Wish I could find it near me so I would not have to pay shipping and handling fees. It would also be nice to receive a discount before l get ready to order it again. Instead of after I have already ordered it.

Hills brothers dark roast coffie



Doylestown ohio

October 9, 2018

Yes this is what brewing is all about hills brothers coffie ! I was finally told th his coffie is made right by my husband because of his favorite brand this i am happy i found this and can make him coffie happy! And the people behind the ordering is very nice! This is my to go to company thank you so much!im happy and the hubb is happy!

Love this coffee!




September 27, 2018

It's so great to be able to buy this coffee in bulk since none of our grocery stores carry it. Shipping is fast and I love the discounts i receive. Thank you so much!

Best Coffee Ever!




August 14, 2018

This is by far the best coffee in the United States. We used to be able to buy it at our local grocery store but it is no longer available. We tried several other brands, even specialty and they just were not as good. I finally found this vendor and peace has been restored in my household! Thank you.

Buying HILLS direct



New Mexico

August 7, 2018

What, you want me to pay $19 per 3# can of Columbian when I get it for $9 for 51oz at Costco or $8 for 48oz at

Best coffee I've ever had



Austin TX

May 20, 2018

I've been drinking this coffee for many years, and used to be able to find it in IGA (independent grocers) stores in several places in Texas, even if it meant a 2-hr drive. I started ordering from Massimo, but then found it on Amazon at some point. Now it looks like Amazon isn't stocking the Dark Roast, so I'm back to ordering from you guys--great coffee!





February 7, 2018

We love Hills Brothers 100% Columbian coffee. We've been drinking this coffee since 1990.... Had to travel from Canada to the US to get it, but it was worth it. We almost stroked out when we were told, our favourite coffee wouldn't be sold by the only store we could find close to the border. Then we found this site. Wow!! Ordering process is so simple, and fast, 2 days tops, and staff personnel are wonderful to speak with over the phone, very helpful, and professional. Hats Off !!! PS: It's not only good with the drip, or percolator coffee makers, I've served coffee to friends who are not fussy about coffee made in a French Press. They were amazed at what a difference this coffee made. They love it.

Still consistently good Columbian coffee



Fayetteville, NC

January 6, 2018

I happily reviewed this product in 2012 and want to note that I'm still happy with both the coffee and ordering process at I haven't bought any other brand of coffee since 1986. Great product.
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