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Segafredo Zanetti® - Espresso 1 - Brewer for Espresso Capsules (UL 1082 for Hospitality)

Segafredo Zanetti® - Espresso 1 - Brewer for Espresso Capsules (UL 1082 for Hospitality)


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Cafe Quality Espresso at Home

Compact in size but big on flavor, the easy-to-use Espresso 1 System delivers the rich flavor, aroma and creaminess of authentic Italian espresso every time, cup after delicious cup.

Segafredo Zanetti combines its rich heritage and passion for artisan-crafted coffee with their depth of experience in single-serve technology to create an efficient espresso capsule system made expressly for home use. The brewer features a unique brewing design to extract the best possible aroma and flavor from the coffee grind for a perfect shot every time.

Enjoy with any of our Espresso Capsules.

Additional Information

110 volts A Space-saving and counter-smart design (11_ L x 13_ H x 6_ W) and an automatic energy-saving mode when not in use.

A transparent and removable water tank to easily check water level and for easier refilling.

The capsule drawer and drip tray are separate and removable for easy cleaning. There are two programmable cup settings and an adjustable nozzle to accomodate different cup heights.

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5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

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Home Barista



Western Connecticut

March 11, 2020

Loved the segafredo coffee we had in hotels and coffee shops while traveling. Upon our return we upgraded from our Nespresso to the genuine taste of real authentic Italian espresso. Best coffee you can make at home. Bravo!

Espresso review


Rick D

Tucson, Arizona

September 17, 2019

Our second one (first was dedicated office machine). Fast, small footprint, very easy cleaning and 100% operation. I got this one for new house and have really enjoyed the capsule espresso. Highly recommend.

Perfect cup of espresso



Toronto, Canada

October 5, 2018

We have 2 of the Segafredo Espresso 1. What a wonderful machine, makes the most perfect espresso! Grazie Segafredo!!
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