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Chock full o’Nuts® Coffee - Heavenly Decaf Original - Medium Roast - Ground

Chock full o’Nuts® Coffee - Heavenly Decaf Original - Medium Roast - Ground


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100% Coffee. No Nuts.

Full-flavored and satisfying from the first sip to the last, our ground coffee is made from 100% premium coffee beans that are hand-selected from the finest growing regions. Blended and roasted the same way since we started, you are guaranteed to get a consistently great cup of coffee. We make it easy to brew an amazing cup of Chock full o’Nuts® coffee because there is only one grind, suitable for all coffee makers. Automatic, percolator or drip, we’ve taken the guesswork out so all you need to decide is which mug you will use. Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee is gluten free and Orthodox Union Certified Kosher, and our recyclable stainless steel cans keep coffee fresher longer. From the first shop in New York City to the homes of coffee lovers worldwide, Chock full o’Nuts® has been proudly roasting perfectly flavored, aromatic coffee for nearly 100 years. Whether you enjoy The Heavenly Coffee first thing in the morning, for an afternoon treat or late at night, the unique taste and unmistakable aroma of Chock full o’Nuts® will be your perfect cup every time.

  • ALL THE FLAVOR WITHOUT CAFFEINE - Our decaffeinated coffee has the rich, full-bodied flavor of our Original blend, without the caffeine.
  • 100% PREMIUM COFFEE BEANS – Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee contains a rich blend of 100% premium coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection. Each cup delivers the delicious flavor and unmistakable aroma of Chock full o’Nuts®.
  • ALL PURPOSE GRIND: There is only one grind of Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee and it makes the perfect cup of coffee. Suitable for all coffee makers, with the first scoop you’re on your way to brewing a cup of The Heavenly Coffee.
  • KOSHER AND GLUTEN FREE: Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee is Orthodox Union Certified Kosher and also gluten free. It comes in our classic stainless steel, taxicab yellow and black can.
  • BREWING COFFEE SINCE 1932 – From the first shop in New York City to the homes of coffee lovers worldwide, Chock full o’Nuts® has been the trusted name in perfectly roasted “heavenly” coffee for almost 100 years.

Roast Level
Gluten Free
Orthodox Union Certified Kosher

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Stainless Steel Can

Reviews | Write a Review
4.7 out of 5

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Chock Full O'Nuts


oklahoma city, ok

June 27, 2021

Excellent product and service

Dented Cans



Columbia, SC

June 21, 2021

I order the six 24oz cans for my Mom in FL. Her recent order (Mother's Day) had several dented cans. There's no packing materials in the box; it seems some is needed so they arrive in better shape from UPS. My Mom loves the coffee; too bad Decaf is no longer available in stores.

Mmm decaf with flavor!



North Carolina

Apr45l 18, 2021

Always our favorite decaf. It seems to get sold out at our local stores so we stocked up online. Now every morning cup has delicious flavor. Thank you!





March 18, 2021

Best value and great service for my switch to decaf. Have enjoyed Chock Full O’Nuts for years and was unable to find the decaf version. Highly recommend.

Absolute bargin



New York

December 10, 2020

I used to get this coffee from Amazon. But since the pandemic, the coffee price on Amazon is just ridiculous, $17 for a 24oz can. I am glad that I found out I could get the same coffee from here. I will be a regular from now on.

Simply Delicious Coffee



Braselton GA

November 12, 2020

We love CFON coffee and use the decaf and regular together to make an amazing tasting coffee. We have used this brand for more than a decade and will continue to use it as long as it is available.

Chock Full O’Nuts Decaf




October 5, 2020

Very fast shipment. Decaf tastes great. Cannot find it in grocery stores so always buy from dealer.

Great decaf too coarse though




September 11, 2020

Great taste but coffee grinded too coarse... would be great a little more fine grinding kind like the Bustelo coffee does. Flavor is great Price is fair

Chock Full of Nuts--Decaf



Rochester, NY

July 11, 2020

Great Coffee and great service. Thanks chock full of nuts.

My favorite coffee




May 22, 2020

I stumbled across this at a new grocery store and it brought back memories of seeing it way back when. I bought a can and I really like it. No acid burn. Very smooth. I ordered the decaf and 1/2 cafe online since the store only carries regular. Yes I drink all three.

Wonderful Flavor


Coffee lover


May 10, 2020

I love coffee but I sometimes over do the caffeine. This is the best tasing decaf that I’ve experienced. Sometimes decaf taste like some of the flavor was lost in the decaffeination process, but not this one! I would describe this as a medium roast that is full of flavor, especially when brewed with a French press. My wife still drinks regular coffee yet often remarks how great my decaf smells. It’s become my regular breakfast coffee.

Very Pleased


Oklahoma City

Apr33l 21, 2020

Order was rec'd timely, as advertised, great!! Chock full O'Nuts is hard to find but really good when found

Pairwise Compairison


Columbia, SC

Apr33l 16, 2020

My sweet wife and I have tried Chock Full O Nuts side by side with 18 other coffees (I kept a list) and it is still the best and the one we come back to.

Oh, so good!




January 24, 2020

The smell and taste is so satisfying! Just thinking about it makes me want to brew a pot. Tried numerous decaf brands but none satisfied our taste buds. Thanks, Massimo Zanetti.

Best Decaf Coffee Out There!


Cindi Hannon

Central Florida

December 22, 2019

This is the absolute BEST decaf coffee being sold. It is rich, flavorful, and smooth. It is even better than the pricey coffee-house decafs. For some reason, (I’m still unsure why), my local grocery store stopped carrying the decaf. So I bought and tried EVERY SINGLE decaf brand available in my area. Chock Full o’ Nuts is by far the best decaf out there! Now I buy my coffee online. Simple.

Best Decaf Out There


Cindi Hannon

Central Florida

December 22, 2019

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST decaf coffee available! It’s even better than the pricey coffee house coffees. It’s rich, flavorful, and smooth. DELICIOUS! My local grocery store stopped carrying the decaf ( still not sure why). So I tried every single decaf coffee I could find in my area. Now, I buy my coffee online from the Chock Full o’ Nuts website. Worth every penny!

Enjoying My Coffee




December 10, 2019

I enjoy the chock full of nuts coffee very much. I ALWAYS purchase 2 cases at a time. I only purchase from one representative, that being Rachael Peterson. GREAT representative, she should be HIGHLY commended for her work. Please pass this on to her and if she doesn't get this, do not ask me to do anymore surveys. I am requesting something in writing that she did in fact receive this, either from her or the company. Again, great coffee and a great representative.

The Perfect Blend


Adrienne D


December 6, 2019

Love this coffee! I drink a pot of coffee a day. It has the perfect blend and flavor. You'll be surprised that this coffee is decaffeinated. It has a strong flavor; other brands I've tried taste watered down. Since I can't always find it on the shelf, I order direct. Really easy process and I even get special offers.

You have to be kidding right?


Daniel A Zahn

Remsenburg, New York

December 2, 2019

Today is December 1, 2019 and will be surprised if you actually post this "review" but just to let you know have been a Costco member for years and always enjoyed your decaf coffee. $8.00 something for the "33.9 oz can". Now you have joined the despicables and will be switching brands good riddance!

Great Coffee


Central Florida

September 23, 2019

Great coffer, have been drinking for over 10 years. Only negative is that cannot find in stores around the Orlando, Florida area.
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