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Chock full o’Nuts® Coffee - Cuban Roast - Dark Roast - Ground

Chock full o’Nuts® Coffee - Cuban Roast - Dark Roast - Ground


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100% Coffee. No Nuts.

Full-flavored and satisfying from the first sip to the last, our ground coffee is made from 100% premium coffee beans that are hand-selected from the finest growing regions. Blended and roasted the same way since we started, you are guaranteed to get a consistently great cup of coffee. We make it easy to brew an amazing cup of Chock full o’Nuts® coffee because there is only one grind, suitable for all coffee makers. Automatic, percolator or drip, we’ve taken the guesswork out so all you need to decide is which mug you will use. Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee is gluten free and Orthodox Union Certified Kosher, and our recyclable stainless steel cans keep coffee fresher longer. From the first shop in New York City to the homes of coffee lovers worldwide, Chock full o’Nuts® has been proudly roasting perfectly flavored, aromatic coffee for nearly 100 years. Whether you enjoy The Heavenly Coffee first thing in the morning, for an afternoon treat or late at night, the unique taste and unmistakable aroma of Chock full o’Nuts® will be your perfect cup every time.

  • CUBAN ROAST – Inspired by the rich, dark, coffee found on the island, our Cuban Roast is bold and irresistible.
  • 100% PREMIUM COFFEE BEANS – Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee contains a rich blend of 100% premium coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection. Each cup delivers the delicious flavor and unmistakable aroma of Chock full o’Nuts®.
  • ALL PURPOSE GRIND: There is only one grind of Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee and it makes the perfect cup of coffee. Suitable for all coffee makers, with the first scoop you’re on your way to brewing a cup of The Heavenly Coffee.
  • KOSHER AND GLUTEN FREE: Chock full o’Nuts® ground coffee is Orthodox Union Certified Kosher and also gluten free. It comes in our classic stainless steel, taxicab yellow and black can.
  • BREWING COFFEE SINCE 1932 – From the first shop in New York City to the homes of coffee lovers worldwide, Chock full o’Nuts® has been the trusted name in perfectly roasted “heavenly” coffee for almost 100 years.

Cuban Roast
Roast Level
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A Cuban toasts to the Cuban Roast



Key biscayne, florida

October 31, 2021

Absolutely amazing , I have been buying the Bustelo Supreme @$5+,read this one and absolutely live it . I wished they had it more available at the supermarkets - can never find it . I have given them out to friends to try , but looking it for it is too much of a hazzle and buying bulk is not for everyone. I buy bulk for this !

My Favorite




March 30, 2021

I have tried lots of coffee in my lifetime and this is my absolute favorite. The Cuban Roast compares to none; it is completely in a league of its own!




Williamsport, PA

March 26, 2021

One of the best dark roast ground coffees I have ever enjoyed! It is deliciously full bodied, smooth, and no hint of bitterness. The chocolate note finish is to die for . Definitely heavenly!!

Absolutely Amazing




November 20, 2020

OMG, I am so well, relieved and excited to find a new coffee I and my household loves!!!!! We have been drinking the same coffee for 6+ years, and lately it’s been off, so on the hunt for a new coffee...found this....thank goodness we did!!!! It’s dark, smooth, and amazing It was on sale at our local food store we bought every can, then placed an online order, I don’t want to run out ever!!!! If you love dark roast, you won’t be disappointed!



Loves coffee


September 25, 2020

Notice that the 'sale' discounts fall just over a reasonable order. $8 off $50, but Cuban Roast is $24, so would need to buy three cases(?) Seems deceptive.

Awesome service!




June 25, 2020

I love ordering from this company! My order arrives in less than a week, there is always a discount. Love the Cuban roast.

Cuban Roast - Best Ever



New York

May 18, 2020

Excellent coffee that rivals any major Coffee shop brew including the big names which you all know; I use a french press as well as electric drip and never had a bad cup in the last year of using this blend. I drink 4-6 cups per day and if you enjoy a bold dark roast blend then this is the one to consider. A close second to this one is the New York Roast which is also good if you cannot get the Cuban Roast at your store; but if store doesn't carry the Cuban Roast then ask the manager to bring it in as they will sell.

Dark & Delicious!




December 3, 2019

Smooth, dark, and rich...the best for coffee drinkers with a sophisticated palate!

Wake Me Up!




July 22, 2019

This is my first purchase of this coffee and my wife & I are glad we took the leap! Great strong flavor without being over powering. The brick is what I chose to help with storage space.

Best coffee ever



South Carolina

December 12, 2018

The Cuban is the best dark roast coffee I have ever had. I have been waiting my 48 years of life for a great cup of coffee, and I have finally found it !!

Floyd Ballard


Mr. B

Northern Kentucky

September 7, 2018

I bought this for my son-in-law. He loves a Dark Roast and makes a 5 cup pot to take to work with him. He absolutely loves it !!!

Nice Coffee




August 11, 2018

This coffee tasted okay. It is a finely ground coffee, finer than we expected, but it worked okay in a drip coffee maker.

F.E. Ballard


Mr. B

Northern Kentucky

June 23, 2018

Ordered this for my wife. I drink the Decaf Chock Full of Nuts. She wanted a Darker blend. She loves it.

Great Surprise



Hillsboro, OR

June 1, 2018

To minimize/reduce shipping costs to the west coast, I added the Cuban Roast to my regular order (New York Roast). What a great surprise to find a rival for my attention ... smooth, full flavored but not overpowering or bitter. I've got a NEW "regular"!!!

Just like the tropics...




March 13, 2018

Got this as a gift, and it is my new favorite coffee. I went to the Dominican Republic a while ago and while there I had the most amazing coffee. I have since not had anything like it...until this brew. This is my new favorite coffee and reminds me of my days in the Dominican sipping my morning coffee on the beach. Highly recommended!!!!!




Romney, WV

March 12, 2018

Great taste when fresh brewed and holds up well to reheating in the microwave.

Another excellent coffee!!



Brooklyn, NY

February 8, 2018

I have been using Chock Full of Nuts coffee types for over 20 years and am so happy that I can find the types of food I want and have then shipped directly to my home. Most places fail to provide as many options of coffee that I enjoy. Thus Massimo Zanetti represents my best coffee source in the U.S.

Wonderful coffee!



Stuck in North Carolina

November 28, 2017

I placed an order recently & wanted to try this coffee. I like a stronger bold roast & this one was just awesome. I took it to work & one of my co-workers who loves good coffee raved about it, even asking me to get more! I just placed another coffee order here & got 4 more of this blend, it's that good. Strong but not over-powering & a fantastic aroma. I will definitely be buying this one again!