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Chock Cuban Roast Ground

Chock Cuban Roast Ground


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Inspired by the rich, dark, coffee found on the island, our Cuban Roast is bold and irresistible.
Cuban Roast
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F.E. Ballard


Mr. B

Northern Kentucky

June 23, 2018

Ordered this for my wife. I drink the Decaf Chock Full of Nuts. She wanted a Darker blend. She loves it.

Great Surprise



Hillsboro, OR

June 1, 2018

To minimize/reduce shipping costs to the west coast, I added the Cuban Roast to my regular order (New York Roast). What a great surprise to find a rival for my attention ... smooth, full flavored but not overpowering or bitter. I've got a NEW "regular"!!!

Just like the tropics...




March 13, 2018

Got this as a gift, and it is my new favorite coffee. I went to the Dominican Republic a while ago and while there I had the most amazing coffee. I have since not had anything like it...until this brew. This is my new favorite coffee and reminds me of my days in the Dominican sipping my morning coffee on the beach. Highly recommended!!!!!




Romney, WV

March 12, 2018

Great taste when fresh brewed and holds up well to reheating in the microwave.

Another excellent coffee!!



Brooklyn, NY

February 8, 2018

I have been using Chock Full of Nuts coffee types for over 20 years and am so happy that I can find the types of food I want and have then shipped directly to my home. Most places fail to provide as many options of coffee that I enjoy. Thus Massimo Zanetti represents my best coffee source in the U.S.

Wonderful coffee!



Stuck in North Carolina

November 28, 2017

I placed an order recently & wanted to try this coffee. I like a stronger bold roast & this one was just awesome. I took it to work & one of my co-workers who loves good coffee raved about it, even asking me to get more! I just placed another coffee order here & got 4 more of this blend, it's that good. Strong but not over-powering & a fantastic aroma. I will definitely be buying this one again!
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