Summertime Iced Cappuccino Recipe Ideas

Around 20% of Americans drink iced coffee and cappuccino, and if you’re part of that demographic, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for something new to try this summer.

If you’re not interested in spending all your money at cafes, you’ll love these summertime iced cappuccino recipe ideas. All you need is some simple ingredients, and you’ll have an impressive amount of cappuccino to keep you smiling.

Ready to get your summer really started? Let’s go!

1. Sweet and Simple Iced Cappuccino

Although this list has a handful of more adventurous drinks, it’s important to start with a simple recipe. Consider this your go-to beverage in the morning!



  1. Combine 2 Tbsp of Hills Bros.® Instant Cappuccino Mix – Classic Cappuccino, 6-8 fl oz cold water and 4-5 ice cubes in a blender.
  2. Blend for 30-60 seconds until smooth.

That’s basically it! Again, this is the foundational recipe in your iced cappuccino journey. There’s plenty of ways to take it to the next level.

2. Garden Galore

If you’ve been exploring your local coffee shops, you might have noticed a surge in lavender or rose flavors. Some people are on the fence about this, but others love that it gives their iced cappuccino a unique taste. This recipe is simple, but also fun to make, and you’ll be sure to impress any visitors.

To make the lavender syrup, you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 vanilla bean split in half
  • 2 sprigs of fresh lavender
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp of dried culinary lavender


Place the lavender, water, sugar, and vanilla bean in a saucepan. Fire it up to medium heat and let the sugar dissolve. Once it begins to simmer turn off the heat.

Set the saucepan aside, letting it cool completely. Next, use a fine, mesh sieve to remove the lavender. Add the vanilla extract and stir.  Store it in a sealed container in the fridge.

For the cappuccino portion, you’ll need:

Once you are ready for an iced treat, combine the iced cappuccino with the lavender syrup, and you’re good to go!

3. Cappuccino Ice Cubes

You’ll also need a drink for those days where the sun is really shining. This recipe is perfect for a day when you’re looking for the coldest cappuccino around.

First, let’s gather some ingredients:


Combine cappuccino mix and hot water together. Let cool. Pour into ice cube tray and freeze until firm. Enjoy with your favorite Hills Bros. iced cappuccino drink.

4. The Dessert

Sometimes, you need a cappuccino drink that feels a little more like dessert. When that craving comes on, nothing hits the spot better than cappuccino eggnog.

Let’s begin with the ingredients:


In a large bowl, whip the egg yolks at high speed. Add 1/3 cup sugar slowly. Reducing the speed to medium, add the milk and heavy cream into the egg yolk mixture. Add the cappuccino. Mix, until it becomes a custard consistency. Chill. Take egg whites out of the refrigerator, add 1 tsp. of sugar and whip until stiff peaks form. Take out the custard, pour into the egg whites, and mix until fluffy! Garnish with grated chocolate and enjoy!

5. Cappuccino Float

If you’re a fan of adding a little cappuccino to your dessert, this cappuccino float is perfect for you!

Gather the ingredients:


In a blender, combine cappuccino, water and ice. Blend until smooth. Add 1 scoop of ice cream to glass, pour cappuccino mixture on top and drizzle with chocolate sauce if desired. Enjoy immediately.

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