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Just wonderful! (11/26/2012)
My wonderful Publix orders the decaf French Vanilla cappuccino for me since no store within 50 miles carries it. No shipping and handling charges and I get my delicious, amazing Hills Bros. cappuccino. Please keep making this for your decaffeinated fans!

Nikki - Georgia
DeCaf vs. The Regular French Vanilla (11/15/2012)
My question is, why, if there are no listed caffine ingredients in the regular, would they make a decaf? Does it have something to do with the ingredient that says instant coffee?

Congetta - Wisconsin
Thank God its Decaf!!!!! (9/8/2012)
I have a caffeine allergy and its impossbile to find a cappucino beverage that is not caffeinated! When I came across Hills Bros. Decaf French Vanilla Cappucino I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I have to say I am sooooo happy I bought this. Its delicious! My whole family wants it, even the ones that can drink caffeine! I hope and pray that Hills Bros. continues to make this Decaf version of its cappucino because so many people are like me and cannot tolerate caffeine. If you're wondering if you should try this product or not, beleive me try it, you will NOT be dissappointed!!!!

Jackie - Massachusetts, USA
The best decaf (8/6/2012)
I can't seem to find this decaf in stores anymore. This is the best cappucino that I have ever tasted. I will continue to order from this website.

Mary Beth - Chicago, IL
Wish I could find it.... (5/21/2012)
I wish that I could find a sugar-free decaf Hills Bros Cappucino at stores in my area.....

Karen - New Orleans, LA, USA
Great decaf (10/19/2011)
This is really the best tasting I have ever found for a decaf.My 80 year old mother loves it!Wish the shipping could be decreased.

Diane - Texas
Delicious (8/10/2011)
It's the best, but the price has gotten too high for me. Sorry, but will have to buy a cheaper brand.

Juanita - Texas/USA
Fan (6/30/2011)
I am absolutely addicted to this cappuccino!!! Great product but not available in stores. Shipping is awfully expensive with UPS, How about Post Office?

Jo Ann - Arkansas
Great (3/7/2010)
This is great tasting and the best part is you can have a cup at bedtime since it is decaf.

Nancy - oh